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I NEVER THOUGHT I’D DO THIS (because I never actually believe these “giveaway” post-thingies), BUT LOOK I’M DOING ONE! GIVEAWAYS! GIVEAWAYS! GIVEAWAYS!
But why am I fucking putting up a photo of my bed? Well, because your invited to it! And also, because I’m using it as justification as to why I am giving these shit away. I’ll explain later.

(Sorry, I know it looks awesome, but the lamp is not included)

  • CONTROL, ALT, DELETE & POWER BUTTON PILLOWS - 1 lucky fucker will get these because you can’t have one without the other three
  • THEM SCARYASS BUG-EYED ANIMAL PLUSHED TOYS (Zebra, Elephant,Tiger) - 3 lucky fuckers
  • BOBANANA MARLEY (The stoned banana stuffed toy) - 1 lucky stoned fucker


  • Reblog to enter the fucking shitty giveaway contest-type thing
  • And since I want this to be a fun giveaway, if you type out a really witty/ridiculous line when you reblog, you increase your chances in winning
  • You can reblog as much as you want. I don’t fucking care.
  • You’re gonna have to bear with all the “fucks” in this post
  • You can “like” the fucking post, but it’s unlikely that I will pick you
  • You don’t have to fucking follow me because that’s stupid. Why the fuck would I want you to follow me for this shit
  • Since 5 fuckers are getting my crap, the first one I pick will get to choose which shit he/she wants first, the second one will choose second, and well, you get the idea
  • I’ll ship anywhere coz apparently it’s fucking cheap to ship light objects
  • Obviously you have to have your ask box on so I can message you when I select you to be the lucky fucker and you can choose which crap you want
  • I’ll also post the list of lucky fuckers here (on my blog)
  • This shitty giveaway contest ENDS on JUNE 6, 2012


  • I’m not gonna lie, I’ve always been a skeptic with these things. Like, “Why the fuck would anyone give away their fucking DSLR?! This is ridiculous. They just want followers or notes, idk”
  • And I’ve always considered just giving away a half-eaten sandwich.. or a used condom, just to spite people. But lucky for you, I’m not in the mood to “spite” today.
  • And it’s not like I’m giving away irrationally expensive things that no one in their right mind would just “give away for free”
  • They’re fucking soft cuddly things and badass keyboard pillows that abort things
  • I’m actually just feeling really generous because I’ve just hit 14.5k followers and I’m really happy and I want to give back… sort of.
  • And also because my bed is so full of shit (as seen above), and someone just recently gave me creepy ass bug-eyed plush toys that I do not want near me because they see into my soul and I hate it when that happens. I’m also buying new pillows, so… (That stoned banana is just a bonus)
  • Idk if these things appeal to you. But whateva whateva. I’m getting rid of them and it’s free, and I was just wondering if someone might want them and I like tumblr so yeah
  • Yes, I realize that I am a female and my bed looks like a boy’s bed. I just like boys and boy-things okay. Fuck off. I’m giving you free things. Mind your own business.
  • And if you’re wondering why there is a lamp on my bed, then you should know it’s coz I like throwing lamps off my bed on occasion

So yeah i’m building a pc in my sofa so it could be nice if i have some pillows to start my motherfucking keyboard.
 The delete pillow would eventually lead to the death of justin bieber by strangulation so think about it :D

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    So yeah i’m building a pc in my sofa so it could be nice if i have some pillows to start my motherfucking keyboard. The...
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    Omg I want one of those stuffed animals! That’s not witty but who cares.
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    I would gladly take that fucking stuff off your fucking hands.
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    Sometimes I need what only you can provide: your absence.
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    that banana looks like sideshow bob from the Simpsons, is that even his name? IDK.
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    Dude you are the best a giveaways you don’t give a fuck And that Stewie…whatever the fuck it is, up there on the shelf,...
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    I’ll bake your cock if I don’t get those ctrl+alt+del pillows. I NEED them, because there are things I need to abort in...
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